Having a comfortable and well-structured shower in your own bathroom, where you can have relaxed and take a moment for yourself, is an essential necessity.

How to realize a shower suitable for you?


As you can imagine, the prime consideration is the available floor space therefore first of all you will need to choose the shower tray. The most common standard sizes for this item are 70x90, 80x80, 90x90, 80×100, 70×100, and 70x120 cm (anyway there are also other standard sizes on the market). Alternatively, you could opt for tailored shower trays. There are different possibilities regarding the installation: floor standing version, floor-level version, or recessed version. As far as the shape is concerned, you can orient yourself on classic rectangular, semicircular and semi-circular asymmetrical shower trays (excellent for small bathrooms) or on atypical triangular, pentagonal, trapezoidal or hexagonal shower trays. As far as the material is concerned, ceramics represent the historically most widespread solution that has the advantage of easy cleaning and the disadvantage of fragility. Alternatively, you could opt for composite materials based on acrylic resins and natural minerals (one above all Corian ®, very performing in terms of aesthetics and durability) or for steel (extremely resistant).


The shower enclosure will adapt to the characteristics of the shower tray, whose thickness must be approximately 6-8 mm and whose opening can be sliding, hinged, and folding. Very popular are the walk-in entry boxes, in which an open side is left in such a way as to allow direct access to the shower, without the interposition of any door to be opened. Acrylic and tempered glass are mainly used for the production of this item.


Once the containment structure is composed, it will be possible to focus on the configuration of the tapware that could be composed of mixers, shower heads, hand showers, shower columns, and various spouts.

For sale online in this store only items for the shower made by Italian top brands: Gessi, Agape, Antonio Lupi, Zucchetti Kos, Hafro-Geromin, Ceramica Cielo, and others.

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