One of the first items that stand out like a lantern at the moment you enter the bathroom is the washbasin for sure.

How to choose the ideal one for your technical and design needs?

The space at your disposal is a priority aspect. If you have a small bathroom, a narrow and shallow wall-hung washbasin could be a solution. However, if you have a spacious bathroom you could opt for a showy freestanding washbasin.

Concerning the installation mode, you could opt for the classic pedestal basin (the column has the function to hold it and also has the aesthetic advantage of hiding the siphon and the pipes) or for more modern solutions like the wall-hung basin (in this case, if you want to hide the siphon and the pipes, you could install a semi pedestal at the bottom) and the recessed basin (depending on the positioning it can be: built-up when part of it is placed at a higher level than the top, inset when it is placed at a lower level than the top and semi-recessed when it has a recessed part on the top and a protruding part forward). Or you could choose one of the three most appreciated solutions in recent times: the countertop version, known for its easy installation and for its predisposition to customization, the freestanding version or the counter integrated version.

Another fundamental aspects are material and finish. Ceramics is historically the most used thanks to its resistance and easy cleaning. Alternatively, there are technologically advanced materials composed by acrylic resins and natural minerals such as the Corian ®, the Cristalplant ®, the Tecnoril ®, the HI-MACS ®, the marble resin or the quartz resin, known for their technical characteristics (durability, hygiene, non-porosity, impermeability, etc…) and their aesthetic result. The other materials used are porcelain stoneware, marble, glass, and steel.
Once the technical part has been defined you can enjoy yourself on the aesthetic side by having at your disposal a myriad of styles (tending to classic or modern) and shapes (oval or round, rectangular, square, triangular, etc. ...).

On Edilceram Design you will have the opportunity to buy high-quality washbasins produced by internationally renowned brands like Gessi, Agape, Antonio Lupi, Zucchetti Kos, Ceramica Cielo, Flaminia, Duravit, Rexa Design, Glass Design e Valdama.

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