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Rubinetterie Stella, a name that shines in the Italian faucet scene. Since 1882, this icon of luxury made in Italy has illuminated bathrooms and spaces with its timeless elegance thanks to the apllication of bronze for the recessed parts of their faucets, guaranteeing their unlimited durability.

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Rubinetterie Stella: Luxury and Italian Style

Rubinetteria Stella  is more than just a brand of bathroom accessories. They are true plumbing jewels(including washbasin faucet, shower faucets and accessories), capable of transforming a room into an oasis of beauty and functionality. With a history rooted in the 1800s, Rubinetterie Stella have evolved over the decades, always maintaining high quality and attention to detail.

Stella Rubinetterie's Top Collections

In 1882, Pietro Stella started his industrialization process, creating an organizational model based on product technology and collaboration with large companies. Since then, the Stella brand has become synonymous with elegance, reliability and solidity.

His best-known collections, which have become pieces of Italian design history, are:

  • Aster Series: his design is essential and refined, with a focus on the ergonomics of the handle. The presence of the rim lends lightness and character.
  • Box Series: introduced in the late 1970s, is an early expression of High-Tech and Minimalist design style, and its design makes its ease of use intuitive.
  • Roma Series: produced without interruption since as far back as 1926, its success is attributed to the combination of classic forms and technical reliability, values that have been consistently maintained without compromising the original design.
  • Italica Series: an icon in the world of luxury faucets, with origins dating back to the early 1900s, it was the cornerstone of success for Stella and continues to be appreciated today by updating its technical features
  • Sirius Series: conceived by architect Arnaud Behzadi, features an understated and refined design with curved shapes and a jagged texture.

The Simple project by Rubinetterie Stella

Stella does not stop with the production of faucets. It also offers a service for customizing and creating the product of your dreams, guaranteeing the longevity of its products over time.

Stella's new and innovative design, designed to meet the needs of customizing bathroom faucets. Stella Simple is synonymous with refined design and functionality.

Rubinetterie Stella in the World of Bathroom and Hotellerie Elegance

For clients of the haute hotellerie, the bathroom is a must. It must embody the ultimate expression of beauty, luxury and intimacy. That's why Stella is the long-standing partner of top international hotel establishments. Its faucets guarantee uncompromising reliability and style.

In summary, Rubinetterie Stella is much more than a brand: it is a symbol of Italian elegance, history, and craftsmanship. When you choose Stella, you choose a piece of luxury that will last over time, like a star that shines constantly in the night sky.

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