Coating beyond appearances

By the term "cladding" we mean any type of product composed of clay, feldspar, kaolin, quartz, chemical additives, and water, dried and fired at very high temperatures between 900°and 1250° apt to cover vertical surfaces such as the walls of interior rooms in the home such as the bathroom or kitchen (and beyond).

The term has Latin origins (revestire) and means "to dress anew" and fully indicates its function, namely, to cover a surface for protective, insulating and/or decorative purposes. We can also place alongside it the idea of "improvement" in that thanks to its aesthetic versatility it is able to give its own identity to the environments where applied allowing enormous creative possibilities for realizations of increasingly elegant and modern spaces.

There are different types of Coverings that can be chosen according to one's needs; porcelain, stone effect, white-body ceramic, textured and with eco-friendly glaze represent the best types as they possess high resistance to chemical agents and impact while presenting ease of cleaning, great aesthetic performance, resistance to moisture and great variety of effects, colors and finishes.

Not just tiles

Tiles can be either glazed or unglazed;

  • Glazed tiles are covered with a layer of colored glass with the thickness that can be 1-2 millimeters and can give them aesthetic features such as color, gloss, and various decorations;
  • Unglazed tiles are divided into two major categories, "full-body" and "double-loading"; the first model has no difference between the surface and the substrate, so in case of wear and tear, the underside is practically the same as the top and they have a very limited range of colors, while the second model is produced in such a way that as the first layer presents a loading of solid-colored powder, and after an initial pressing, the second layer presents a loading with more valuable material that enriches and decorates the surface part.

Our Brands.

ABK, Flaviker, Castelgrande, Mutina, Fmg represent our main brands that thanks to their laboratories always at the forefront of technology will be able to meet every need to make every room, where applied the coating, the protagonist of the house without eclipsing the aesthetic importance of other environments by creating aesthetic balance by approaching natural, traditional or modern styles.

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