The bathtub is a decisive item for anyone who wants to make their bathroom a place of refreshment and well-being.

In order to make a conscious purchasing choice, it will be a priority to analyze the available space and opt for shapes and sizes that are well suited to the rest of the room both from a functional and stylistic point of view.

Concerning the installation methods: a rectangular/square bathtub can be wall-mounted, paneled, or freestanding; a corner bathtub (excellent for small bathrooms) can be wall-mounted or paneled; an oval bathtub can only be freestanding (i.e. not lying on the walls).

Many materials are used for the realization of this product. Ceramics, marble, wood, enameled steel, Corian ®, and Cristalplant ® are the best. The tub can also be covered on the surface by panels to be tiled or filled with various synthetic materials.

A particularly appreciated solution is the shower and bathtub combo with glass doors as it allows you to enjoy the comfort of both functions by optimizing spaces.

We provide quality bathtubs produced by internationally recognized brands like Gessi, Antonio Lupi, Agape, Jacuzzi, Zucchetti Kos, Hafro Geromin, Duravit, Ashton&Bentley, and Ceramica Cielo. Mainly Made in Italy items, but not only.

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