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Gessi - Bathroom, kitchen and Outdoor furniture

Gessi, founded in 1992, has been able to transform the faucet from a simple functional object to a design element, producing faucets and accessories for the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoors with a distinctive style and obsessive attention to detail.

Its Collections express the company's philosophy and creativity, and among them we can mention : Venti20, Gessi 316, Origini, Goccia e Rettangolo

Ceramica Cielo: Elegance and
Quality for Your Bathroom

Ceramica Cielo represents elegance and high-quality craftsmanship in the world of bathroom ceramics, offering a wide range of impeccably designed products. From shower trays that combine functionality and style, to bathroom fixtures (Toilet, Bidet, and Urinals) that embody sophistication and innovation, to mirrors that add depth and brightness to spaces, each piece is a work of art. Shelves and accessories such as toilet roll holders, towel racks, and soap dishes complete the bathroom experience, combining practicality and beauty in every detail. Ceramica Cielo transforms every bathroom into a space of luxury and sophistication, with a distinctive signature reflected in every element.


Get inspired by Made in Italy

Present online with a wide range of items dedicated to furniture with more than 99 brands, representing more than 20 product categories, Edilceram Design is today one of the reference points for designers, property developers, importers, architects and all kinds of customers, from individuals to companies, always guaranteeing the best purchasing conditions, the possibility of being able to ship worldwide and our advice always available.

A meeting point of design and innovation, the items in the catalog will fit perfectly in any room of the house, such as the bathroom, kitchen, Living room and Outdoor;

Our Product Catalog is able to satisfy, thanks to its more than 10000 items, all kinds of aesthetic needs, thanks to the quality that offers not only Made in Italy, but also all the brands that present a not inconsiderable design value as they are conceived and produced by the best architects in the world.




Edilceram Design is the new chapter in an all-Italian story. Since 1975 we have been supplying high-end Made in Italy furniture of the best brands for bathroom & spa, living, kitchen and outdoor. Possibility to purchase thousands of items from the style tending to classic, contemporary or modern.


Since 2010, we have taken up the challenge of the international market guided by a clear vision: to export the excellence of Italian design furniture around the world through the online channel. We have always strongly believed in the possibility of developing commercial collaborations at a distance in an efficient and effective manner, and the results we have obtained push us to do better and better.


In over 45 years of presence in the market, we have created and consolidated a position such that we have the ability to offer our customers luxury furniture at the best price. A dedicated consultant with years of experience in the field will always be at your disposal so that the ideal business solution for your needs can be identified.


With a warehouse of more than 2,500 square meters, 10 dedicated employees, sophisticated means and know-how perfected over time, we can guarantee efficient goods storage service. Your products will be stored in our warehouse, carefully packed and quickly delivered to the desired address under completely safe conditions and always covered by insurance against damage or loss.


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Gessi Origini
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