Ceramica Cielo - The harmony of materials for the bathroom


Ceramica Cielo, a leader in the bathroom furniture industry, today is a name that evokes elegance, design and constant innovation of beauty. With a tradition blended with modernity, Ceramica Cielo offers furniture solutions that represent the perfect balance between functionality and beauty.

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Between History and Vision of Ceramica Cielo

Founded in the mid-twentieth century as a craft workshop for the production of sanitary ware, Ceramica Cielo is now a major Italian company, internationally renowned for its ceramic workmanship and, more generally, for its special productions in the field of bathroom furnishings. The company's mission is to create unique products that enrich living spaces with elegance and style.

Each Product is the result of a careful selection of materials and a state-of-the-art production process.Therefore, Ceramica Cielo's catalog has had the opportunity to renew and expand over time.

The toilets, Bidets, urinals, washbasins, Bathtubs, Bath Furniture, shower trays, mirrors and accessories that comprise it all possess a common denominator: the never-lost quality derived from centuries-old Italian craftsmanship tradition and meticulousness in the choice of materials.

Designers of excellence and iconic collections from Ceramica Cielo

The company's strength lies in the collaboration between the most renowned international designers and ceramic artists who together manage to infuse passion and creativity into each piece. 

Top Designers include names such as:

  • Andrea Parisio
  • Giuseppe Pezzano
  • Karim Rashid

These talents have helped define Ceramica Cielo's unique identity, creating true works of art that transform living spaces into design experiences.

Their most important Collections include:

  • Smile: famous for its soft and curvy shapes, which give the bathroom a cozy and relaxing atmosphere
  • Shui Comfort
  • Kyros
  • Enjoy: featuring an essential and modern design, perfect for minimalist and contemporary environments
  • Fluid: inspired by the fluid and sinuous forms of water, creating an elegant and refined bathroom
  • Delfo: homage to classicism, with harmonious lines and refined details reminiscent of ancient Greece
  • Easy: designed to provide maximum functionality and practicality without sacrificing attractive design

Their commitment to excellence has resulted in these collections being featured in numerous Prestigious Awards in the field of design, including:

  • Red Dot Design Award: For innovation and design
  • Good Design Award: For excellence in design
  • IF Design Award: For quality and functionality

Terre di Cielo and Acque di Cielo

Ceramica Cielo also stands out for its focus on environmental sustainability. The collections Terre di Cielo and Acque di Cielo exemplify a commitment to environmental protection, using natural materials and eco-sustainable production techniques to bring unique colors and combinations to life.


In conlusion, Ceramica Cielo is much more than a company that produces simple bathroom fixtures and furniture, She produces true works of art, capable of transforming the bathroom into an oasis of well-being and relaxation.

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