Thanks to our qualified staff, It’s so easy to furnish following the refined Italian Style. Our team is always ready to assist you and to support you in every moment of the planning phase in order to satisfy all your needs.

Technical assistance

We analyses each project in every detail. Everyday We carefully check the quality of all items and of our services by giving an accurate technical support quickly and effectively.

Design assistance

Edilceram Design is composed by professional staff who is in continuous training and updating to know and to follow the new tendencies and the new styles from all over the world and at the same time we like sharing our knowledge and experience with people. Edilceram Design is always on the customers’ side.

Commercial assistance

Edilceram Design is always delighted to cooperate with all customers.
Our experience in the international trade will help you undoubtedly to find the most cost-effective solution.

Online and offline customer care

Our company is careful about the quality of all services offered. Therefore, we guarantees immediately any kind of assistance through the tools at our disposal.

Informative material on demand

Edilceram Design is always at hand to assist all customers in many different ways; in fact we provide you with informative material that you can consult easily at home such as: detailed and technical catalogues, installation guides, dwg 2D-3D files and much more.

International express shipments with tracking

It’s very simple with us: you choose the products and Edilceram Design delivers them home directly or wherever you are. Also thanks to the collaboration with highly reliable logistics partners like DhL, FedEx and Brt, Edilceram Design is ready to hand over all kinds of items to every corner of the world in total safety by respecting the established delivery time.

Clearance service of the goods and door delivery

Our team is very able to manage, control and solve any problem with great efficiency by following step by step all the delivery procedures. Everyday, We sell and deliver all over the world by guaranteeing the product delivery directly to the desired address. As to the Clearance of the goods, It is Edilceram that takes charge of it.