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IRSAP is a leading manufacturer and seller of home heating solutions that combine design, technology and sustainability. Founded in 1963, IRSAP has a long history of innovation and quality, offering a full range of products that meet the comfort, energy-saving and furnishing needs of any environment.

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Decorative radiators: the decorative radiators that heat and decorate with style

Prominent among IRSAP's various categories are the Termoarredo, the decorative radiators that heat and decorate with style, available in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Among the most popular models are:

  • TESI, the best-selling radiator ever, with its timeless design and reliability;
  • NOVO, the tubular steel radiator, elegant and versatile;
  • ARES, the flat panel radiator, modern and functional;
  • FLAUTO, the classic and refined column radiator;
  • GEO, the geometric, original and dynamic radiator;
  • ARPA, the slatted radiator, harmonious and light;
  • FUNKY, the colorful, fun and creative radiator.

Electric heating: ideal solutions for those who do not have plumbing or want to supplement traditional heating

IRSAP also offers electric heating solutions, such as electric radiators, which are ideal for those who do not have plumbing or want to supplement traditional heating. Prominent among these are:

  • ELLIPSIS, the energy-efficient electric radiator with its minimalist design and smart technology;
  • RIGO, the electric infrared heater, with its sleek design and ability to heat quickly and evenly;
  • JAZZ, the electric wall-mounted radiator, with its elegant design and music-speaking function.

Radiators and towel warmers: the solutions that provide maximum comfort and hygiene

In the bathroom, IRSAP offers a wide range of radiators and towel warmers, which provide maximum comfort and hygiene. These include:

  • RELAX, the bathroom radiator that is hot and cold with its innovative design and hybrid technology;
  • NOW, the smart bathroom radiator, with its modern design and its connection to the IRSAP NOW App;
  • SAX, the curved bathroom radiator, with its harmonious design and practicality.

IRSAP not only produces radiators, but also offers mechanical ventilation and home air conditioning systems, such as IRSAP ARIA and IRSAP ECCO, which provide clean air, hygiene, and hygrometric comfort without wasting energy.

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