Falper: Avant-Garde and Design Style for Your Bathroom


A company that originated in Ozzano nell'Emilia, Falper has been able to evolve over the years by applying all the technological innovations of the assembly line without ever losing importance to its roots and the handmade work of artisans, which has become a fundamental point of this reality over the years of history.

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The Specialization in Bathroom Items

Experts in bathroom items, the Falper reality extends not only in the field of faucets, where we find a variety of items made of Aisi 316 Steel with the ability to be able to adapt to any surface thanks to their available shapes and finishes, but also in the production of washbasins, both countertop and freestanding, which thanks to their original shapes and opaque colors manage to make the bathroom become a Living Bathroom (terminology created by Falper to make people conceive the idea of the bathroom as an extension of the living room), bathroom furniture, which represent the first products conceived by this reality, created to be able to adapt to any type of countertop or interlocking washbasin and obviously also to any environment thanks also to their shapes and materials, bathtubs protagonists of the Vascamisura collection and the mirrors designed with back-structures to ensure a perfect reflection of the image, of LED and OLED lights and frames in Cristalplant or Solid Wood.

Prestige Collaborations

Among carpenters, craftsmen and collaborators of all kinds, Falper can boast of important names in the design sector such as, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Talocci Design and Paola Navone (signed the Menhir mirror, composed of shaped elements with polished edges).

A Brand with Inimitable Identity

Falper is the child of the care of an Italian company that carries within itself, the values of a family, the work of designers, creatives, designers, architects and craftsmen who infuse their own inimitable identity, an energy that translates into shapes and proportions capable of making each product an instant classic. It is a protagonist, thanks to its most important collections (such as Shape Evo, Quattro.zero, Viaveneto and Eccentrico) in any contemporary scenario that makes elegance and originality its hallmarks.

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