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Agape Design, a leading Italian bathroom furniture company and emblem of the prestige of Made in Italy design, was founded in 1973 by the Benedini family.

Since then, all the products presented on the market have enjoyed enormous success worldwide, thanks to their stylistic uniqueness and the quality of the materials used.

Edilceram Design is able to supply taps and fittings, shower components, washbasinsbathtubsWCs and bidets, fixturesmirrorsaccessories, furniture, etc. by Agape.

DrMonolithOttocentoNovecento, Square, DropSenCunaFlat XLFlat DPearViequesLarianaEll, Mach, Spoon are our favourite Agape collections.

Which one is yours?

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  1. Agape Bjhon1 ACER1081FZ Freestanding Washbasin | Edilceramdesign
  2. Agape Bjhon1 ACER1081MZ Cristalplant Floor Basin | Edilceramdesign
  3. Agape Bjhon2 ACER1082MZ Standing Washbasin in Cristlplant | Edilceramdesign
  4. Agape Bjhon2 ACER1082FZ free-standing washbasin in Cristalplant | Edilceramdesign
  5. Agape Pear C ACER0896MZ free standing washbasin in Cristalplant | Edilceramdesign
  6. Agape Pear C ACER0896FZ Floor Standing Washbasin in Cristalplant | Edilceramdesign
  7. Agape Cheese ACER0710NRZ wall-mounted washbasin in Cristalplant | Edilceramdesign
  8. Agape Drop ACER1099MZ Floor Standing Washbasin in Cristalplant | Edilceramdesign
  9. Agape Drop ACER1099FZ Floor Standing Washbasin in Cristalplant | Edilceramdesign
  10. Agape Drop ACER1098Z countertop washbasin in Cristalplant | Edilceramdesign
  11. Agape Bucatini ACER0740N white ceramic wall-hung washbasin | Edilceramdesign
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