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ABK's history and importance in the ceramics industry

Founded in 1992, Abk turns out one of the top 10 made-in-Italy companies producing porcelain stoneware ceramics, wall covering materials and flooring, with more than 5,000 partners worldwide. Today, ABK's porcelain stoneware offers a range of surfaces to suit every context, making it the perfect partner for every designer and architect.

ABK's corporate mission focuses on such fundamental principles as technological innovation and improving the quality of life, understood as increasing concern for the environment without ever ignoring in any process the impact their industrial processes might have on the external environment.

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ABK's Offering: Porcelain Stoneware in Different Variants

Main offering of ABK is Porcelain Stoneware, offered in multiple formats, such as, lines of flooring, wall tiles, slabs and tiles created to adapt to any type of environment, from offices, to homes, from the bathroom, to the outdoors.

The fundamental point of their production chain is the formulation of the mixture, which combined with dry compaction and firing of the latest generation, produces porcelain stoneware that is easy to cut and work with minimal ecological impact; auto-leveling is another exclusive ABK techonology that allows perfect flatness and ease of installation even with large format tiles and is based on the use of mixtures based on raw materials with high plasticity.

ABK's Iconic Collections

Among ABK's collections certainly stand out Bath Design and WIDE&STYLE.

  • Bath Design is the collection of handmade-in-Italy ceramic furnishing elements and accessories designed for the bathroom. The wide range of WIDE slabs offers the possibility of creating personalized environments, with solutions coordinated with walls and floors or with pleasant material contrasts and refined combinations, designed according to the mix&match philosophy. Each element, with attention to the smallest details, enhances the beauty and quality of ABK surfaces, as well as offering the exclusive on-demand service to perfectly adapt to the size of one's bathroom.
  • The WIDE&STYLE project, on the other hand, extends the concept of digital decoration on porcelain stoneware. The collection can dress floors and walls of residential spaces (bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms) or become a characterizing element of commercial projects (lounge bars, restaurants, stores) as well as a new opportunity for exterior facade cladding. Just to expand the possible uses of porcelain stoneware.

At ABK, they address the home, retail and public design universe with a character that is always distinctive and original, providing designers and retailers with cutting-edge products that combine refined aesthetics and very high technical performance.

In addition to responding to contemporary taste and multiple uses, the ABK range constitutes a true system of materials that can be easily combined with each other, by style, color, size, able to develop a coordinated and customizable design.

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