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Established in Vinci, the original city of Leonardo da Vinci, since 1984 by the Borsellini family, Glass Design revolutionizes the concept of washbasin using unique materials such as ground crystalart glass and silicon.

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The Art of Murano Craftsmanship in the Creation of Elegant Washbasins

Thanks to the presence of artisans from Murano, Glass design is able to offer a wide range of refined, light and elegant products with the use of techniques that do not take advantage of the use of machinery, the company has managed to achieve a reputation based on the combination of craftsmanship and high quality, so that its products seem almost works of art.

Italian Excellence in the Design of Washbasins and Furniture Complements

Italian excellence in the production and design of washbasins and furnishing accessories, with more than 200 Tuscan artisans belonging to the production chain, Glass Design allows thanks to their products to meet every need and request of the customer, with endless finishes and solutions suitable for the realization of unique and exclusive products.

A New Style Through the Use of Technologically Advanced Materials

What makes this company truly unique is also the use of technologically advanced materials, which artfully blending with more traditional materials manage to give birth to a new style where the accessory, with attention to detail, becomes the main subject of the environment. 

The Fusion of Innovative Materials in the Design of Functional Objects.

The combination of technologically advanced materials, such as Silicon or 3D Inox on traditional materials, such as ground crystal or art glass, have allowed Glass Design to create design objects with decidedly innovative shapes that blend aesthetic research and functionality, transforming everyday objects into important and refined pieces of furniture. The use of technologically advanced materials contributes to the creation of a new style of production. Each product is thus created with the most appropriate material to express new sensations, colors, and emotions; also to this advanced vision of these items, they made Glass Design Protagonist of the 2005 edition of Cersaie in Bologna, presenting many innovations in the field of washbasins and bathroom furniture.

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