Gessi Origini

Gessi Origini

Gessi's new design expression presented at Milan design week

On 06/06/2022, Gessi reintroduces itself to the world with a new collection structured in multiple colors called "Triads" capable of adapting to different types of characters and personalities of the home and those who use it, combining different shapes, colors and materials by providing a mix of carefully combined colored pigments to bring to life an aesthetic and emotional pleasure never before experienced.

Gessi Origini was presented with great enthusiasm, giving through this new collection an unprecedented sensational experience.

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Warm Triad: Intimacy and Regeneration

Gessi Origini Warm | Edilceram Design

The Warm triad consists of the finishes Cipria, Dark Bronze, and Warm Bronze and was created especially for those seeking an intimate and rejuvenating atmosphere in their bathroom. This combination of colors and materials is perfect for creating a private space in which to relax, perhaps accompanied by a bathtub that achieves a touch of luxury and comfort.

Neutral Triad: Versatility and Customization

Gessi Origini Neutral | Edilceram Design

The Neutral triad includes Greige, Finox and Nickel finishes and is designed for those who live in the city or are always on the move. This neutral combination offers great elegant versatility, both for those who like to express their versatility; the "Neutral" triad offers endless possibilities for customization

Triad Accent: Cosmopolitan and Contrasts

Gessi Origini Accent | Edilceram Design

The Accent triad, with its Glossy Ochre, Matte Black and Brushed Brass finishes, is designed for cosmopolitan people who love contrasts. With a combination of distinct colors, including black and ochre, this triad can also be displayed at the entrance of the bathroom to create a striking visual impact and amplify the color harmony of the room.

Materic Triad: Tradition and Relaxation

Gessi Origini Materic | Edilceram Design

The Materic triad composed of the colors Coral, Metallic Black and Bronze is perfect for lovers of traditions and those who wish to live unhurriedly. This triad defines a multi-material environment in which it is easy to relax and get rid of everyday tensions. The warm and welcoming finishes create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Triad Nature: Utopia and Connection with Nature

Gessi Origini Nature | Edilceram Design

The Nature triad with Agave, Black Metal Brushed and Chrome finishes is designed for utopian intellectuals and nature lovers. This combination of colors and materials helps open up the horizons of the bathroom sphere, bringing a feeling of connection with greenery and nature. The "Nature" triad perfectly matches the needs of plants, creating a harmonious and welcoming environment that promotes well-being and serenity.

From Milan Design Week to Innovation in the Bathroom: Gessi Origins as Artistic and Functional Evolution.

The Gessi Origini collection represents an innovative expression of design and style, presenting the Triads as a unique offering of color and material finishes. Each triad, from the warm and intimate "Warm" to the versatile "Neutral," from the cosmopolitan and contrasting "Accent" to the traditional and relaxing "Materic," to the utopian and natural "Nature," offers a possibility of customization and adaptability to different tastes and lifestyles. The Gessi Origini collection combines functionality and aesthetics, bringing an unprecedented aesthetic and emotional experience to the world of bathroom design.

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