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Falmec is a leading company in the field of kitchen hoods, established in 1981 in Vittorio Veneto, in the province of Treviso. For more than 40 years, Falmec has been designing and manufacturing steel kitchen hoods, with different solutions for air purification. Falmec cooker hoods are synonymous with design, Italian quality and innovation, thanks to the use of fine materials, advanced technologies and artisan attention to detail. Designed and created to satisfy various tastes and needs, these hoods, thanks also to their technologies, always offer the two typical features of Made in Italy: design and innovation.

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Falmec: kitchen extractor and filter hoods - Made in Italy

Falmec stove hoods are distinguished by their different types of installation, suitable for every kitchen, different finishes and different technological features, which ensure high performance, quiet operation and energy savings. Among Falmec steel hoods, you can find:

  • Wall-mounted hoods: ideal for kitchens with the cooktop close to the wall, they fit every style and size. Some models are: Falmec Virgola, Falmec Vittorio Veneto, Falmec Brera, Falmec Elle, Falmec Sophie, Falmec Dama, Falmec Plane, Falmec Eclisse, Falmec Elektra, Falmec Elios.
  • Kitchen island hoods: perfect for kitchens with the cooktop in the center of the room, they create a dramatic and functional effect.  Some models are: Falmec Spazio Hood, Falmec Nuvola, Falmec Light, Falmec Lumen, Falmec Downdraft.
  • Ceiling hoods: unobtrusive and minimalist, they blend seamlessly into the ceiling and draw in vapors from above. Some models are: Falmec Ceiling Hood, Falmec All In Hood, Falmec No Drop, Falmec Virgola, Falmec Pulsating.
  • Built-in hoods: practical and compact, they fit into the cabinet above the cooktop and are activated with a simple gesture. One of the most prominent models is Falmec Virgola.

Falmec: the innovative technologies

Falmec hoods are not only beautiful to look at, thanks to innovative technologies, Falmec hoods guarantee:

  • Quiet and powerful suction: Falmec hoods are equipped with high-performance motors and sound insulation systems, which reduce noise and increase energy efficiency.
  • Effective and long-lasting filtration: Falmec hoods are equipped with activated carbon or polyurethane foam filters, which capture grease and odors, and can be easily regenerated or replaced.
  • Air purification: Falmec hoods are equipped with devices that remove harmful substances in the air, such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold, fumes and dust. Some examples are: Falmec Bellaria, Falmec Elements, Falmec E.ion System.

Falmec: Italian design and the right choice for your kitchen

Falmec cooker hoods are the result of a constant search for style and beauty, which is expressed in elegant and refined shapes, fine materials and careful finishes. Falmec cooker hoods are made of stainless steel, a durable, hygienic and easy-to-clean material that gives Falmec hoods a modern and bright appearance. Falmec hoods are also enriched with details in glass, wood, leather, stone and other materials, which create contrasts and harmonies of color and texture.

Falmec hoods are the result of a collaboration between Falmec and some of the most famous Italian designers, who have been able to interpret the needs and trends of the market, proposing original and functional solutions. Some of the names are: Marco Zito, Francesco Lucchese, Emo Design, Lorenzo Lispi, Valerio Sommella, Andrea Federici.


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